Marks And Spencer Travel Money


Marks And Spencer Travel Money

Marks and Spencer also buy and sell travel money. If you need some cash, then you can visit your nearest M & S Bureau Dee Change – available at 120 M & S stores across the UK. Most are open seven days a week and many shops are open till late in the evening. If you want to order or deposit some money, you will not need to bring some photographic ID!

M & S Bank Cardholder exchange rates are available only when you use your M & S bank card. There is no additional charge when purchasing Marks and Spencer Travel Money using your M & S Credit Card, Charge card or Debit Card. When buying your Reserve and Collect Marks and Spencer Travel Money using other credit cards in M & S Bureau De change, you will be charged for their standard exchange rates. Cash advance charges can be taken by your bank or card issuer. During the purchase of reserve and collect other order, their BureauDe changes will be processed on foreign exchange rates quoted about the type of your card. For home delivery, you can pay only for your order using your M & S credit card, charge card or budget card. All the details provided must be accurate, the card should be your own, and the billing address of your card must match the delivery address for your order. Home delivery orders will be processed on foreign currency rates quoted on their website at the time of the order. They do not take any commission on the currency.

Please note that payment by M & S credit card will be treated as a purchase rather than a cash advance. Therefore, you will not be charged cash advance.

You can also compare M&S bank and Debenhams exchange rate to get the best deal.

The question is: Does:

  • M & S provide a good deal for the passengers when it comes to holiday money?
  • How emulative are their fees and exchange rates?
  • Is it a good idea to get your foreign currency from the same place where you buy your office wears?

What do you remember before you buy travel money card?

To find the best deal on travel money, look out for the following:

  • Highest exchange rate:The more you get for your money
  • Delivery charge: Free up to £ 10 for home delivery to your currency
  • Special offers: If you order more than a specified amount, then some providers offer a higher exchange rate or free delivery; Such as £ 500.

Services Available:

  1. Marks and Spencer travel money card service available in 52 currencies. M and S accept minimum order value of £100 and a maximum order value of £2,500. This bank has three options to collect or make your travel money card:
  2. Home delivery
  3. Click and collect online
  4. In-store
  5. Marks and Spencer Bank provide you free home delivery for orders over £500 and please remember its take £5 delivery charge on orders up to £499.

Home Delivery:

If your orders for home delivery are subject to a minimum value of £ 100 Sterling equivalent and the maximum value of £ 2,500 Sterling equivalent, they reserve the right to rectifythese minimum and maximum order values at any time at their discretion. There is no minimum amount of orders for reserve and collect, except the maximum order available for the minimum available sections and £ 3,500 sterling equivalent. They reserve the right to rectify these min and max order values at any time at their discretion.

When you order Travel Money Online from M and S?

Whether you are an M & S bank account holder or not, you can order travel money online. However, only customers with M & S bank cards qualify for home delivery of your cash – otherwise, you will need to go to a store and pick one from your bureau de change. If you need to send money directly to a foreign bank account, then this is not a service for you – it is only for getting cash. For transfers to a bank account, the transfer can be done.

What is exchange rate you get from Marks and Spencer?

Like all currency exchangers, M & S can determine their exchange rates, which means that they will not have to pay an average, “mid-market” rate, which you will see on online currency converters, or when you exchange your currency Pair in Google Instead, they are capable of charging the exchange rate which is worse for you, and better for them. Plus, M & S does not offer only an exchange rate. They offer 2 of them: a “standard selling rate,” and a “rate of selling M & S bank cards.” As you probably expect, if you can use the M & S bank card for your transaction, you will get a better deal.

But before you get very excited about it and decide to spend all your extra money on any item, compare that “the rate of selling M & S Bank card” from the mid-market rate. It can be better than the “standard” rate, but is it a good deal? If you have converted your money at the mid-market rate, then think about what you can buy. It is not as tricky as you can think of to get the actual mid-market rate. For example, Transfer Voice always provides it at international transfers, so that the only charge charged by you is different when you get your quote. And there is no two-level system of exchange rates by you by the bank: just an exchange rate for all. After all, the mid-market rate is not just a proper exchange rate. This is the only fair exchange rate.

Read Best Travel Money Quotes to find out the best deal which can suit your requirements.

Some Questions in your mind about Marks and Spencer currency service:

Does Marks and Spencer buy back currency?

Yes, after coming back from your vacation, you can sell your unused money on that day at M & S currency exchange rates. You have the option of donating some or all of the money to donate through the M & S program ‘CHANGE4CHANGE, which has so far raised more than £ 350,000 so far.

Does Marks and Spencer provide a currency card?

No, Marks and Spencercurrently does not offer currency cards in the form of cash.

How does the Marks andSpencer exchange offer?

M & S vacation money can be ordered online through your website and can be delivered to your home, or collected from your local M & S store.

Is M & S FCA authorized?

Yes, M & S is fully authorized by the Financial Practices Authority.

DoM & S pay by credit card, and do they charge?

Yes, M & S accepts credit card payments as part of its travel funding service. You will be charged from your card issuer.

Can you choose the delivery date with M & S?

If you order your M & S journey before 1 pm, you will benefit from delivery the next day. After 1 a.m. the order and your currency will be distributed via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Does M & S allow you to modify/cancel any order/travel card?

If you select home delivery for your travel card, you can easily cancel your order with M & S at any time, unless the request is sent. As they offer fast delivery times, this usually occurs within a few hours of making your order. To cancel the order that you have chosen to take in the archive, call your local store at any time from the time of collection.

Can you specify sects with M & S?

Although you are not able to specify which category you would like for your currency, you will get a mix of big and small sects where available. For orders in the store, you may be able to request sects.

Do you need to bring ID to collect from M & S?

To collect money from M & S, you will need a photographic ID – passport, driving license or EU ID card.

How can you get your money soon?

Once you order your card, you can take ten business days to get it. Although there is no delay with Royal Mail, you will usually receive your card within five business days. There is no fast track service in Fairfax, and you cannot collect their cards from any collection point.

Live Rate on 5 January, 2019

Currency M and S Bank Sell rate Standard sell rate Buy rate
Euro 1.0798 1.0676 1.2243
US Dollar 1.2259 1.2145 1.3885
Turkish Lira 6.4558 6.3533 7.5851
Egyptian Pound 17.9163 17.6879 29.6892
Mexican Peso 23.293 23.0452 27.4981
Japanese Yen 130.0255 128.6582 150.5342
Australian Dollar 1.7306 1.7126 1.9772
Bahrain Dinar 0.4522 0.4474 0.5251
Canadian Dollar 1.6297 1.6212 1.8704
Brazilian Real 4.3631 4.3156 5.3499
Chinese Yuan 8.0968 8.0101 9.7889
Costa Rican Colon 705.9989 683.1016 866.2797
East Caribbean Dollar 3.199 3.1647 3.9814
Hong Kong Dollar 9.3864 9.2875 10.8908
Hungarian Forint 335.4621 331.8877 400.8388
Icelandic Krona 140.2856 138.7932 172.8945
Indonesian Rupiah 16484.53 16304.37 20372.35
New Israeli Sheqel 4.3886 4.3416 5.2635
Kuwait Dinar 0.3635 0.3596 0.4223
Malaysian Ringgit 4.8819 4.8297 5.7637
Mauritius Rupee 40.7627 40.3281 49.767
New Zealand Dollar 1.7917 1.7728 2.0815
Norwegian Krone 10.3759 10.2664 12.0515
Philippine Peso 59.7877 59.1241 74.3862
Polish Zloty 4.5022 4.4544 5.3525
Russia New Ruble 79.5134 78.6538 96.2585
Saudi Riyal 4.5094 4.462 5.2308
Singapore Dollar 1.6335 1.6163 1.897
South African Rand 17.1077 16.9288 19.9262
South Korean Won 1325.648 1311.47 1588.509
Swedish Krona 10.779 10.6653 12.5301
Swiss Franc 1.2029 1.1904 1.376
Thai Baht 37.9512 37.5453 45.4887
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar 8.0122 7.9266 9.7818
UAE Dirham 4.3705 4.3357 5.1157
Vietnam Dong 26361 26068.1 32951.25


According to this price rate we give you some example:


  1. If you would like to convert £700.00 into US Dollar

M&S Bank cardholder: 858.13 US Dollar

Preferential rate: M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.2259US Dollar

Non-cardholder: 850.15 US Dollar

Standard rate:M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.2145US Dollar

  1. If you would like to convert £700.00 into Euro

M&S Bank cardholder: 755.86 Euro

Preferential rate: M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.0798Euro

Non-cardholder: 747.32 Euro

Standard rate: M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.0676Euro

  1. If you would like to convert £700.00into UAE Dirham

M&S Bank cardholder: 3,059.35 UAE Dirham

Preferential rate:M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 4.3705UAE Dirham

Non-cardholder: 3,034.99 UAE Dirham

Standard rate:M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 4.3357UAE Dirham

  1. If you would like to convert £700.00into Egyptian Pound

M&S Bank cardholder: 12,541.41 Egyptian Pound

Preferential rate:M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 17.9163Egyptian Pound

Non-cardholder: 12,381.53 Egyptian Pound

Standard rate:M&S exchange rate of 1 GBP = 17.6879Egyptian Pound

Read review of every provider to check out the best provider which can suit your requirements.


M&S Bank cardholders receive exclusive exchange rates when buying with aMarks and Spencer Bank travel money card. If you don’t have an M&S Bank card you can still buy currency at their standard rate in any of their M&S Bureau de Change. Main M&S Credit Card, Budget card and Charge card holders can order currency online for home delivery. All M&S Credit Card, Budget card and Charge card holders have the option to purchase currency over the phone for home delivery.


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