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After this, click 'Apply' and the computer will magically write out a resolv. Somehow openvpn is hijacking my network connection: I can't get any DNS resolution and I can't connect out. My solution, to avoid rebooting, is to kill openvpn. Open Activity Monitor and filter for the openvpn process.

Kill it. Now I have network access again. I hope this helps anyone that has this problem. I've seen a couple of places where people have noted that the only thing they can do is reboot. Please find the. The client configuration file contents should look something like this:.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Here is a snippet of what's going on in the Console: Cannot resolve host address: No buffer space available I had to reboot to get my network connection back.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Avery Chan Avery Chan 1, 3 15 Best practices for script and results reuse in SilkPerformer. Black screenshots in Browser Driven truelog files. Borland SilkPerformer Supported Versions. Browser does not launch when recording in Silk Performer Browser driven load test script fails on BrowserSetText when I can see the text being set in visible replay mode. Browser hangs when recording an Oracle Forms application. Browser plugin support for BDLT.

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BrowserClick BrowserEngine: BrowserMouseMove function is not allowing navigation of a dropdown menu control. BrowserNavigate BrowserEngine: BrowserStart function reports the error "BrowserEngine: Caching issues with BDLT replay. Calculating the number of virtual users for browser driven load testing. Can 2 different products, e. SilkPerformer and SilkTest, be installed on the same machine but use two different license servers? Can Html or parsing verifications in Silk Performer scripts be deactivated? Can I add Custom Charts containing information from a Monitor Report to an already re-merged Overview Report and get the information reported for the same time period?

Can I check out multiple mobile licenses of the same type to my local machine? Can I decrement a custom counter in Silk Performer? Can I delete more than one set of results at a time in Silk Performer? Can I determine how many virtual users were active when a Page Time value exceeds a certain boundary? Can I disable the generation of Quantiles files by SilkPerformer? Can I extract data from the Results Repository database for analysis in a 3rd party tool? Can I get details of all successful and unsuccessful license requests for my SilkPerformer installation?

Can I have a detailed explanation of the digest verification? Can I have multiple versions of Silk Performer installed on the same machine? Can I initialize arrays as local variables declared in a function? Can I install a SilkPerformer 6. X MMC? Can I merge multiple m results files into a single m file? Can I monitor network devices with Performance Explorer? Can I omit page timers greater than X seconds from the results?

Can I plot the results of two load tests on the same graph so that I can compare results? Can I print my SilkPerformer scripts in colour? Can I record Hyper terminal Utility found on Windows ? Can I record pop-up windows actions while recording my script? Can I remove or rename streaming counters? Can I safely ignore the error "does not support ole32 function "xxxxxxxxxx"" when recording COM traffic?

Can I set a timer such that it starts inside one transaction and finishes in another? Can I set up a shared drive to contain data files for my controller and agents? Can I set up a workload which will run a transaction exactly X number of times? Can I set up silkperformer to run a script at intervals of 5 minutes 24x7x?

Can I simulate different modems speeds when running an FTP loadtest? Can I simulate users doing file operations including creating, moving, opening, closing, reading from and writing to files? Can I stop a virtual user if the incorrect page is returned by a server? Can I tell from my results which agent was used during a test? Can I turn caching off and on in my script? Can I use a combination of 32 bit and 64 bit agent machines? Can I use a proxy server when loading a web service in Java Explorer? Can I use an old Silk Performer license for a newer version? Can I use project attributes to exchange data between multiple users or bdf scripts?

Can I use the Windows option "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity" with SilkPerformer? Can I use the cross loadtest report functionality with SilkPerformer loadtest results? Can I view my page response times in real time mode using Performance Explorer?

Can Silk Performer be used to test an application's adherence to web standards? Can Silk Performer capture screenshots during a Loadtest? Can Silk Performer do iteration pacing? Can Silk Performer monitor network devices such as switches and routers? Can SilkPerformer licenses be stacked in SilkMeter? Can SilkPerformer Recorder be started from the command line? Can SilkPerformer be installed using a silent unattended mode?

Can SilkPerformer be uninstalled using a silent unattended mode? Can SilkPerformer be used to record Documentum desktop client 4. Can SilkPerformer deal with a web page which has a. Can SilkPerformer delete a row from a csv file after it has used the data contained in that row? Can SilkPerformer handle scripts parts of which go through a proxy server and parts of which do not? NET ViewState? Can SilkPerformer open a monitoring workspace when starting a test from command line?

Can SilkPerformer record. Net applications that are implemented in VB. Can a Baseline load test only be executed from the local SilkPerformer MMC machine, or can it be executed on a remote agent? Can a single csv data file be called in multiple scripts? Can a template be created to display the same graphs for different sets of load test results?

Can additional attributes be added to the Radius JavaFramework? Can delimiters be used within the data in Comma separated files? Can dynaTrace diagnostics be used to analyse database performance and what statisitics can be measured? Can multiple MMC machines use the same agent simultaneously? Can my new license allow older versions of SilkPerformer to run, and if not how long can I keep my old license? Can reading, deleting and sending email be done for more than 1 mail profile with MAPI functions?

Can the Controller machine be remote from Agent machines connected via a limited bandwidth? Can the Data Source Scanner automatically detect valid data sources for monitoring of German and other localized or non-English servers? Can the License Server parameters. Can the size of the result buffer be configured on the Execution Server? Can verification be done on content in a Citrix environment?

Cannot change Security Modes within SilkMeter Cannot perform this command while a document is being updated in background! Cannot print to a network printer when replaying a Citrix script on a Silk Performer agent? Capture control values visible in the in-data tab of an Oracle Forms Truelog. Cause of the error "LoadtestController: Change keyboard shortcuts in TrueLog Explorer. Change the default input parameter values for Java Explorer.

Change the server being monitored in Performance Explorer. Change the timeout setting in a. NET Framework project. Changing a Custom Server Certificate from pfx or. Changing the Locator Spy hotkey in Silk Performer. Changing the default agent capability to run more BDLT virtual users. Citrix Citrix Passthrough with Silk Performer. Citrix recorder reports "Unsupported function" error during record. Citrix recording failure on Windows 7. Citrix scripts fail with "CitrixConnect CitrixEngine: CitrixMouseClick Citrix Engine: CitrixParseText function is not returning the full result string.

Class files in the project directory are not copied to a remote agent. Clearing cache and cookies in Internet Explorer does not delete all offline files. Client screens appear on agent during a Browser Driven Load Test. CloudBurst agent not showing in Cloud Agent Manager. Company Logo in Overview Report. Comparing floating point values in Silk Performer. Compile error "SEM Compiling SilkPerformer scripts from the command line? Configure Java Explorer to test a JBoss 4.

Configuring Silk Performer for testing a Japanese application. Controlling the summary page in Silk Performer Correct behaviour of a "revisiting user" for Browser Driven Load Testing. Could not create the specified Projects folder! Counting number of items in a dropdown menu in Silk Performer. Create a recording rule that will suppress the recording and scripting of calls to a particular URL.

Creating directories in Windows Explorer using Silk Performer. Cross load-test report with load-tests in different locations. Custom data file changes after re-opening SilkPerformer project. Custom timer count is doubled. Customize binary data in a script. Customizing the binary data posted through WebPageSubmitBin function. Customizing the input parameters of a method in a Java Frameworks script using a data file. Date and time of the original Accepted Baseline are reported even though a new Baseline has been accepted.

Default Max length of an acceptable attribute value within a Browser Driven Recording. Default Silk Meter log location. Define a custom browser type in Silk Performer. Defining a proxy server in a Java Frameworks Script. Description of "Override System incidents" functionality. Differences between the Merge Wizards available in Performance Explorer. Displayed with "Starting recording agent failed" message in Silk Performer 9. Do I need to customize val-ref values in AMF3 scripts? Do I need to upgrade my Sikessentials package due to the introduction of Silkperformer 6.

NET Explorer provide response time measurements on individual methods executed within a testcase? Does Java Explorer provide response time measurements on individual methods executed within a testcase? Does Java Explorer support multi-dimensional arrays as Input Parameters?

Does Micro Focus send out emails when new releases are available for SilkPerformer? Does Silk Performer automatically save changes during a load test? Does Silk Performer measure how long it takes to render a downloaded web page? Does Silk Performer provide support for the Diameter protocol? Does Silk Performer support JUnit version 4? Does Silk Performer support Oracle Financials? Does Silk Performer support the "cache-control: Does Silk Performer support the testing of Oracle Discoverer reporting tool?

Does SilkPerformer support Internet Explorer 7. Does SilkPerformer support the Z Does SilkPerformer have any functions for rounding values to the next whole number? Does SilkPerformer impose any limits on the size of Custom Data files? Does SilkPerformer provide support for Kerberos Authentication? Does SilkPerformer provide support for the Windows Vista operating system? Does SilkPerformer support Axis 2. How does SilkPerformer implement Hostname caching? Does SilkPerformer support Macromedia Breeze?

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Does SilkPerformer support Peoplesoft 8. Does SilkPerformer support Tiling Servers? Does SilkPerformer support Weblogic"s T3 protocol? Does SilkPerformer support bandwidth simulation for Streaming Media? Does SilkPerformer support digest authentication? Does SilkPerformer support line breaks? Does SilkPerformer support live splitting of media streams? Does SilkPerformer support record and replay of Oracle Forms. Does SilkPerformer support recording and replaying of pages that display embedded Adobe pdf files?

Does SilkPerformer support recording of a Citrix published application? Does SilkPerformer support recording of the Mozilla Firefox browser? Does SilkPerformer support testing a. Does SilkPerformer support testing of Oracle Applications 12i? Does SilkPerformer support the PeopleSoft 8. Does SilkPerformer support the testing and rendering of webpages which use the.

Does Silkperformer 6. Does a limit exist on the number of scripts that can be added to a project? NET Explorer does? Does the Overview Report include timings for failed Transactions? Does the ShopItV60 application support a specific number of concurrent users? Does the Silk Performer 7. NET Explorer work with. NET Framework 2. NET ? Does the transaction count in the Summary General section of my Overview Report include the number of transactions that started but not finished before the load test ends? During a loadtest is it possible to download a file from a server and save it on the local harddisk?

During installation of a results repository on Oracle why do I get the error "Oracle8: During replay I get an error "WinSock: During replay why is the double click action not implemented by the function "CitrixMouseDblClick"? Effect of OnlyIfCompleteResult parameter on recording rules. End Windows processes from within Silk Performer.

Ensuring successful synchronization when Window captions are limited to 60 characters in Citrix functions. Entering only certain characters of a password in an online form. Error "Could not start Java Hooking Engine". Error "Could not start Java Hooking Engine, reason: Error "The procedure entry point could not be found in dynamic link library perfZZZ. Post ".

Failed to determine whether hooking is installed. Failed to initialize recording. Reading configuration of Launcher Service failed. Not all features are available - execution is denied due to registration limits. Errors occurred but error messages are not detailed in the repository or in the report files. Event Handler does not execute when in a loop. Export raw data per user type using Performance Explorer. Reinstalling may solve the problem. Files with. Flash Remoting script fails with "WebEngine: Force a virtual user to abandon a Web page if images do not load in a specified time.

Forcing the scripting of a HTTP parsing function using a recording rule without a corresponding hit for the value in the script. Form Data tab in a TrueLog does not display the data for a form post. Generate a random date which ensures a business day is returned. Generating Cross Load Test Reports video. GetTransactionName function does not return the correct transaction name? Getting timers for redirections. Graphs missing from print preview of overview report. Handling BrowserFileDownload function when it contains a dynamic file location.

Hooking into the main Oracle Forms Applet classes might cause the JInitiator to be unable to load additional jar files that rely on the main classes. How Can I resolve the following error: How Do I install the ShopitV60 application on my local machine and access it via the browser? How Does the "Enable persistent-cookie recording for returning user simulation" setting in Active Profile work?

How I can stop the dynaTrace diagnostics server? How are Silk Performer"s Percentile measurements calculated? How are authentication credentials managed in Performance Explorer? How can BDL code be used to find the download times for individual page components, namely image files? How can Centura Reports be distributed to other users if I do not have access to a printer? How can I access low level properties when testing SAP?

How can I achieve the time format XX: How can I add a client certificate to a Web Service in. Net Explorer? How can I add a data file so that it will appear in the parameter wizard in TrueLog Explorer? How can I add a random variable into an XML string? How can I add custom timers data together at runtime? How can I add more commands to the default SSH. How can I add the transaction name and an identifier to measure names in my load test report?

How can I add verifications globally for every API call in a script? How can I assign a specific Silk Performer Agent to execute a particular usergroup? How can I automatically see the output from print statements when I am running a LoadTest? How can I calculate the amount of network bandwidth required for a loadtest? How can I call a transaction multiple times in Java Explorer?

How can I capture Monitoring Data from multiple servers during a loadtest? How can I change the authentication settings for agent machine if I cannot access them via System Configuration manager? How can I change the credentials used to log into the server in Performance Explorer? How can I change the endpoint URL of a method call in.

NET Explorer? How can I change the interval at which time series data is calculated? How can I change the timeout settings used by Silk Performer when trying to connect to a server? How can I check the length of the server response is greater or less than a specified value? How can I choose random rows from a csv file and ensure that the same row is not used twice by the same virtual user? How can I combine all the output.

How can I compare 2 Hexidecimal strings for length and content? How can I compress zip request data and decompress unzip response data in Silkperformer using gzip? How can I compress zip request data and decompress unzip response data in Silkperformer using zlib? How can I configure Silk Performer so that only some agents connect through proxies? How can I configure and record mixed Protocols in Silk Performer? How can I configure the Overview Report so that German umlaut characters are displayed correctly? How can I confirm that I am a member of the Windows Administrators group on my machine?

How can I continue to enter my string when I have reached the line limit? How can I convert a Windows Performance Monitor file from. How can I convert a decimal number to a hexadecimal number in BDL? How can I convert a number into a float or string? How can I correct the error "FRM Failed to connect to server: How can I correct the error "compile error SEM How can I create a "Decreasing" workload in Silk Performer? How can I create an event handler which will exit a transaction if an expected MessageBox or Window is not returned by the Oracle Forms Server?

How can I create random string of a particular length? How can I customize my script in order to take different actions depending on the page returned? How can I customize the colors in the Overview Report? How can I customize the overview report in Silk Performer? How can I deal with dynamic Web Links which require customization for successful replay against Oracle Forms Application?

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How can I define project specific include files? How can I delete a single cookie from the current cookie database? How can I determine if a patch that was applied to the MMC machine has also been applied to an agent? How can I determine if an application is suitable for recording using SilkPerformer's Flash Remoting support?

How can I determine the size of a downloaded document during a load test? How can I differentiate between a Try-script run and a real load test in my script? How can I do a remote installation of Silk Performer? How can I do content verification on XML data? How can I email the Overview Report to someone including all the graphs? How can I emulate a browser close via BDL? How can I enable large icons in Silk Performer? How can I enable or disable link checking in my script? How can I enable or disable the Virtual User Output xml file?

How can I encrypt my passwords so that they are not displayed in clear text in my script? How can I ensure VUsers running on Agent machines can write to a shared network folder? How can I ensure my script replays in the same language as was recorded , when a site uses browser detection? How can I ensure that Internet Explorer is started in "Maximized" mode to help with my Citrix scripts? How can I ensure that a transaction will execute only once during my test? How can I ensure that all users in my test will write to the same text file sequentially?

How can I ensure that each virtual user in my loadtest is assigned a unique IP address? How can I ensure that multiple users are able to work simultaneously on the same document files without overwriting the files of each other? How can I ensure that the same sequence of random numbers is generated for each virtual user? How can I ensure that virtual users complete the current transaction and the end transaction before they finish their simulation? How can I ensure that while recording large SQL statemenets the function recorded is not split over two lines in the bdf file and thus causing compile errors?

How can I exclude embedded objects from raising errors on replay? How can I exclude images e. How can I exclude timers from results if an error has occurred within the code being timed? How can I extract results from SilkPerformer for external use e. How can I find out the average Response time[s] of a custom timer for any given interval in my loadtest? How can I find the correct connection method used by Oracle forms? How can I find the maximum capacity virtual users of an agent? How can I format an 8 byte floating point number to a currency value of two decimal places?

How can I generate a contextless script? How can I generate a unique value for every virtual user in my load test? How can I generate individual response times for every virtual user and for every iteration of a transaction in my overview report? How can I get a list of all the Performance counters available for each Object in Performance Explorer? How can I get access in my script detailed statistics such as SSL handshake time or the Server Busy time for individual pages? How can I get the start time of my load test programmatically? How can I handle dynamic window names for example, containing a timestamp in my Oracle Forms script?

How can I handle load-balancing when testing Oracle Forms? How can I have Silkperformer create log files for every tenth virtual user in my test? How can I have a variable weighted so that it uses one value more often than the rest? How can I identify missing type libraries when trying to record my COM application? How can I identify the client jar files that my Oracle forms application uses? How can I ignore a custom alert error message RT: How can I ignore a custom alert message which is returned by the PeopleSoft application server in SilkPerformer versions earlier than 6.

How can I improve Truelog generation performance when executing a Citrix project? OutOfMemory" errors? How can I increase the number of Ranking reports displayed in overview report? How can I increase the number of errors that Silk Performer can report for each agent? How can I insert hex values into an ascii string? How can I install SilkPerformer 6. How can I instantiate an object in.

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How can I limit prevent users from launching older versions of SilkPerfomer? How can I limit the number of connection attempts to the server made by virtual users? How can I loadtest my File Server? How can I make a sound or beep from BDL? How can I make all users in a load test print to the monitor window? How can I make my monitor graph show real values e. How can I make my script write results out to a new line of a text file each time?

How can I monitor Server statistics for a Siebel 7 server? How can I monitor Websphere application server version 5. How can I obtain a detailed breakdown of a page timer in the Overview Report? How can I obtain a specific percentile value per User? How can I parameterize my SilkPerformer. Net script once I have exported it from. Net Explorer. How can I parse a hyperlink which is embedded in a JavaScript function?

How can I parse data from a text file into a variable? How can I pass integers to Nullable types in. How can I pass multiple arguments into the StExecuteTestcase function? How can I pass parameters for my application when using the ProcessInitialize function? How can I pause Try-Script execution for debug purposes? How can I prematurely stop the streaming of data after a specific time and still generate the streaming results? How can I prevent a custom timer measure from being included if an "Application Error" occurs within the timer during a load test?

How can I prevent my. How can I prevent the file handling functions from reading the first row in my csv file since it contains column headers, not data? How can I print or write the number of errors which a Virtual User has during a loadtest? How can I print out a graph that has been generated in the Results Repository? How can I print the stack trace of a specific Java Exception error that occurred during a test?

How can I raise a warning or an error if my page download time exceeds a specified interval? How can I raise an error if the time to download a particular page exceeds a given limit? How can I raise an event if a certain error is found? How can I randomize a string being used to query my database in a SQL command? How can I read the entire contents of a file without hardcoding the number of bytes to be read? How can I reduce the size of my ADO script in silkperformer? How can I reload a wsdl file, after it has been changed, into a current project? How can I remove all occurrences of a particular character from a string?

How can I rename test case names in Java Explorer? How can I replace part of a string with another string or different length? How can I resolve "BrowserEngine: How can I resolve "RT: How can I resolve an "ORA How can I resolve the "Command failed. Document is read-only" warning when trying to edit one of my project files? How can I resolve the error "Cannot open Recorder multiple times!

How can I resolve the error "Internal Error: How can I resolve the error "System. Net components in SilkPerformer or Visual Studio. Net Addon? How can I resolve the error "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: NET application? How can I resolve the error "WebEngine: How can I resolve the error: Internal Error in windows Installer" received during the installation of SilkPerformer?

How can I resolve the fact that the Overview Report user type section contains entries for individual users that encountered errors during the test? How can I resolve the following error "Faulting application Performer. How can I resolve the replay error "OraForms: How can I resolve the values in SAM being different from values retrieved by using vmstat directly?

How can I retrieve an ADO column name? How can I retrieve the total number of bytes downloaded including embedded objects for a particular request at runtime? How can I revert back to my original recorded script if I have made changes? How can I run 10 Vusers in a loadtest, each starting 20 seconds from one another and after each user completes one set of transactions the test will end? How can I run a loadtest without having to specify a duration? How can I run a shell script in Silk Performer?

How can I see a description of the errors generated during my test? How can I see individual page times for each Vuser that take part in my loadtest? How can I set Radius vendor specific attributes? How can I set SilkPerformer to close down automatically after a test simulation has finished? How can I set an upper limit or maximum for think times in my script? How can I set one boundary for all my page times in a script? How can I set the Preprocessor Arguments so that all of my IDL files are loaded during the record process and what arguments can I use?

How can I simulate the movement of files using Windows Explorer? How can I sort an array of strings? How can I specify a domain parameter or a wildcard character in the WebSetProxy function? How can I start monitoring from the command line without opening Performance Explorer? How can I start recording an application manually after it has been launched by Silk Performer? How can I stop SilkPerformer from automatically downloading images during a test?

How can I stop SilkPerformer scripting commented data when using recording rules? How can I stop the terminating character being included when using FileGetColumn? How can I suppress automatic redirections by the replay engine in response to HTTP s from a web server?

How can I synchronize my scripts so that they execute sequentially? How can I tell how many vusers executed a particular bdf script from tsd data? How can I tell if a patch has been installed on my agent machine? How can I tell if a test was stopped, killed or aborted after a test has been run? How can I test an application where a server is checked numerous times before it responds? How can I trigger a Citrix event handler if an incorrect window is returned by the Citrix Server? How can I uniquely identify individual virtual users?

How can I update or delete the. WSDL files in my. Net Explorer project? How can I upload a zip file to a server whilst maintaining the original zip format?

How can I use GetCurrentTime to execute a code segment for a set period of time? How can I use SilkPerformer and. Net Explorer to load test submitting an xml document to my web service? How can I use SilkPerformer to verify that a specific image is returned at replay? How can I use a custom delimiter with a text file? How can I use a custom function to write out all the values of an Array or a specific value of an Array? How can I use a custom timer to measure how long it takes an external process to execute e. How can I use an existing repository after upgrading SilkPerformer?

How can I verify if an FTP site is available? How can I verify is a server is available before a transaction is executed? How can I verify text that appears in the rendered view of the TrueLog when the source of the page is displayed as binary data? How can I verify that a PDF file is downloaded during a loadtest? How can I verify that a Recording Rule has been executed during the record process? How can I verify that the expect data is returned from my server during a test? How can I view all the project properties of a Java Explorer. How can I view the results of my TSD files for a specific period of time?

How can I work out the time my page request spent on my network? How can I write out all errors encountered during my loadtest with a timestamp of when they occurred to a csv file? How can I write out the value of a variable from Silk Performer into a multi-column. How can User Types be used to get the most from your SilkPerformer scripts? How can make alternative graphs automatically appear when Performance Explorer starts during a test?

How can the screen resolution at which the SilkPerformer Citrix Recorder will record at be changed? How do I add a host to the hostname cache of a Virtual User? How do I add additional columns to a multi-column random parameter file via SilkPerformer's "Create new Parameter Wizard"?

How do I add debug output to troubleshoot a "perfrun. How do I add timers for web pages when recording at Browser Level? How do I assign the output from a stored procedure into a variable in a BDF script? How do I bind a variable in a SQL command? How do I change the Severity of Runtime Errors?

How do I change the severity of Native errors? How do I change the severity of an error in Silk Performer? How do I compare headers between record and replay? How do I configure SilkPerformer to provide client certificate authentication during record and replay? How do I configure SilkPerformer to record a Telnet session? How do I configure SilkPerformer to record a newly installed browser? How do I configure SilkPerformer to record traffic for my custom application? How do I correct the error "bdf-script couldn't be created because the assembly doesn't define any virtual users!

How do I create a custom template to define which data are displayed in my Overview Reports? How do I create variables from a data multi column file e. How do I customize how errors are reported during replay? How do I customize my SMTP email script so that on replay I can read in a file and post this off to the email recipient? How do I customize the file being uploaded to my server? How do I deal with a COM application which must test for a particular status before proceeding?

How do I delete a standalone licence after it has been imported using the Silk Standalone Licence Utility? How do I ensure all of my virtual users read from their own unique data file? How do I ensure that Measure functions are inserted correctly when using the record setting "Encapsulate concurrent pages using timers"?

How do I enter a new line in an output. How do I export Time Series Data into. How do I export baseline report. How do I find out which version of Secure Shell is running at the remote host machine I am trying to connect to? How do I find the maximum possible throughput for a single SilkPerformer Agent machine? How do I find the source of an error in True Log Explorer when the error occurred in an external function? How do I get the name of the currently executing script? How do I handle COM replay errors that also occur on record? How do I handle a form name changing between Record and Replay?

How do I implement Basic authentication in. How do I incorporate the new Server Monitor Script Generation option located in Performance Explorer into a workload so that the measures can be viewed in the Overview report? How do I install SilkEssentials Peoplesoft 2. How do I install a results repository for versions of SilkPerformer since ? How do I install the WAP sample application? How do I integrate third party dlls into my Silk Performer script, and are there examples of integration of potentially useful functions from the Win32 API? How do I manually uninstall SilkPerformer if the uninstaller tool gets corrupted?

How do I monitor a server in a remote location? How do I overcome the "warning WAR How do I overcome the error "PDH: How do I prevent getting Sentinel service error message in my event viewer when trying to start or after starting Silkperformer? How do I prevent my page timer names being recorded as binary data in Silk Performer? How do I randomize connection speed and browser simulation in Performer? How do I record a script from a client installed on a Unix only environment? How do I record against Emulators from the YoSpace product suite?

How do I record an application that runs from the command line and requires arguments? How do I reset my product levels in the sample Shopit application? How do I reset the view to default in SilkPerformer? How do I resolve "Error How do I resolve Citrix Windows Synchronization errors? How do I resolve Silk Performer not loading when I double click the short cut? How do I resolve the "Error: A network error occurred" when trying to install the Person1 sample application that ships with SilkPerformer ?

How do I resolve the Error How do I resolve the dynaTrace diagnostics error, "license locked to different machine or license number mismatch"? How do I resolve the error " Winsock - Only one usage of each socket address"? Java Recording requires the minimum version 1. How do I resolve the error "File Error" when trying to open a. How do I resolve the error "LoadtestController: How do I resolve the error "No return status or output parameters will be returned from this stored procedure unless you use only parameter markers to pass parameter values" when calling a stored proc.

How do I resolve the error "OraForms: How do I resolve the error "SilkPerformer virtual output queue is full. Further requests will be ignored"? How do I resolve the error "System: How do I resolve the error "WebEngine: How do I resolve the error "com.